The Death of Unicorns

It would be an obvious observation, blatant even, that I have failed you all. Clearly, I didn’t post twice every week. It’s discernible that my words, once so full of hope and promise, quickly fizzled into an empty poetic oath. I apologize.

It would be a conclusive statement that you are questioning openly my integrity as a writer, the expertise that I pour into my pieces. You can even go as far as saying that it couldn’t be more transparent how full of crap I am. And you may be right. The lack of a single post in two months is self explanatory. I don’t deserve to be a blogger.

To add more pain into the festering injury, I involved the well being of unicorns into my oath. What have they ever done to me? Nothing! How could I so openly make them the target of punishment if I were ever to break my oath? Probably because I considered I cared a great deal for unicorns and if their safeness was at stake, I wouldn’t turn my back on them. Clearly, that wasn’t true.
            But amidst the cloud of self doubt, self sabotage and procrastination that has blinded me for two months, I found the last speck of common sense I have left and decided it was time to come back. Your disappointment is explicit and I hope my regrets are equally undeniable.
            I hope you give me another chance.

PS: Did I use way too many synonyms for the word “obvious” in that post? 

PPS: In all seriousness, I’ve been working on some updates to the layout of the blog and it has taken me a while –not that it should have- to get it together. I also have thousands of ideas that I hadn’t organized and it was making it very hard for me to sit down and write. So to all you eight readers out there, thanks for the patience.